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  1. MarketCall

    Guide: How to run Medicare offers with Facebook traffic

    Hey everyone! Today we're presenting the guide on how to run the US Medicare offer in Marketcall. We're releasing this case study in the middle of fall because from October 15th to December 7th is the season when US citizens can switch insurance companies and renew their insurance packages for...
  2. Ishola Ayodeji

    Hi guys

    Guys please help me out, I was trying activate an offer on marketcall and my offer was always refused.. Saying I need to provide my ads materials that I was going to used to promote the offer... Since I'm new to pay per call advertising I don't have any ads materials yet.. Can someone help me out?
  3. enjoyinglife

    Review Leading Networks like 'MarketCall' & newbie Affiliates, are they friendly ?

    I believe NOOOO, as far as how last one week passed. I tried to request most of them one by one or even tried Signed up for 'Marketcall' 3 days ago, a manager was assigned to me (or just their automated system assigned me one). I was excited enough to msg her on skype...