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  1. K

    10 business management tips for small businesses

    Study the market Monitor the competition Analyze our offer of products and services. Improve promotion and dissemination Take advantage of the customer's knowledge Take care of the details Anticipate the demand Attend Financial Management Negotiation with suppliers Caring for employees
  2. Tim Martin

    Organizational Transformation: The Shift from Waterfall to Agile Approach

    A definitive objective of any organization is to create quality #outcomes for its customers. Any procedure that confines the association from conveying on that objective viably ought to be recognized and wiped out. Read more
  3. Tim Martin

    New Trends in Work Automation

    We live in an era of immense technological advancements, the blast of Big Data, visual and dialect acknowledgment advances among others have prompted another method for understanding the working world, here are New Trends in Work Automation.
  4. Tim Martin

    Five Critical Responsibilities for Successful Project Management

    Project Manager is responsible for delivering the project with authority and responsibility from the Project Board to run it on a day-to-day basis and should undertake these five responsibilities.
  5. Alexandra Smith

    How to Ace Your Job Interview

    Landing a perfect job is a big deal. One of the most important parts of a successful job search is doing well during the interview process. Without a doubt, the interview step is when many job seekers feel most nervous or confused. While this is common, and even the most experienced employees...
  6. Tim Martin

    The Art of Team Building and its Effect on Business Practice

    The success of an organization relies upon its representatives and they should work and team up as a group with an attention on the organization’s mission statements. Any conflict can delay the success of an organization.
  7. Tim Martin

    Scheduling Projects

    What is the most ideal way to schedule projects and establish timelines? Any suggestions will be highly appreciated?
  8. Tim Martin

    C's of Marketing

    Organizations are always seeking out for new and keen methodologies for Advertising their products and services, and one tool is especially useful in finding such methodologies the C's of Marketing. Customer Culture Convenience Competition Communication Consistence Customization Coordination...
  9. Alexandra Smith

    5 No-Cost Ways to Develop Your Skills

    The consulting industry is a very competitive field with an abundance of highly educated professionals with proven track records of success. In order to succeed and stay relevant in such a competitive field, consultants have to keep their knowledge up to date and continuously hone their skills...
  10. Tim Martin

    Any Tips/Tricks for Market or Advertise a Blog?

    How would I market or advertise my Blog on different social media platforms? What content should I use while doing it, what is the best platform to share the blog. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated... Blog is related to IT Project Management.
  11. Tim Martin

    What is the most amazing job/business you can think of?

    What is the most amazing job/business you can think of?
  12. Tim Martin

    How come social media can boost up your business availablity?

    I was wondering while promoting your business (services) on social media how can you target your relevant audience through different platforms? because few of them are a vast platforms and it is really hard to identify the proper audience. And what are the efficient ways of doing so?
  13. Tim Martin

    What does “Big Four” consulting and Wall Street firms means?

    I have heard it somewhere and was wondering what it actually means I could not find a decent answer on google. Just tell me what it actually means?