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  1. C

    Lead Generation

    Hello, guys. What do you know about lead generation? What websites is it possible to do?
  2. DableGlobal

    Ask Me Anything What is Dable Native Ad?

    Hello, this is Dable, a leading global content discovery platform! Dable provides a Native Ad Exchange that is based on Pay-Per-Click(PPC) and has partnered with over 3,000 premium media in Asia including Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia. What is Native...
  3. VREpub

    Looking for Local Rank & Rent Affiliate Programs

    I recently acquired 2 expired domains names that were formerly Rank & Rent sites and the domains have targeted traffic for that niche. I am looking for Local Rank & Rent products (ebooks, courses, paid membership sites. etc) that have affiliate programs so I can redirect my traffic to them and...
  4. Ron Hale

    Looking to connect with experience publishers

    Hello I am new on this forum but not new to pay per call. I have been generating leads for a couple years and it has been a great experience. I wanted to connect with some experienced publishers in hopes that we can help each other. I have plenty of connections for calls and always looking for...
  5. Scott Fullerton

    How I get more leads through my website?

    I want to know if my company niche related to mobile app development. Our company developed so many app like whatsapp clone uber clone etc. So, how I generate more leads . Please discuss here
  6. F

    Introducing myself

    Hello, My name is Jonas, I'm a telephone salesman who is converting leads. Now i want to dig deeper, and i will. I have been looking at lead generation. I am building my plan and my budget but i am still crawling on the ground trying to imagine myself taking my first steps. So i have a couple...
  7. FXORO Affiliates

    Affiliates Wanted Forex/CFDs. No middleman-Licensed Broker. Up to $1,000 CPA

    FXORO Forex and CFD traffic. Binary also acceptable. TOP GEOs - Italy, Poland, Hungary, GCC, Turkey. Licensed broker. AMs with over 5 years sales experience. Highest CPA in industry! World Class tracking system + API + Pixel + Full Media kit. For more information or to ask HOW TO REGISTER...
  8. M

    Hiring Media Buy Team Leader / full time/ Location: Kharkov, Kiev (Ukraine)

    Vacancy/ Media Buy Team Leader / full time/ Location: Kharkov, Kiev (Ukraine) Requirements: Successful experience of managing the Media Buyer’s team from 1 year Experience in Media Buying from 3 years English - Upper-Intermediate Responsibilities: Play a leadership role and guidance to...
  9. K

    LEADS production B to C market

    We are specialist for phone leads. Big production france and other country. B to c market all thématic.
  10. John_Vianny

    Why Become Lead Generation Expert?

    The term Internet Marketing consists of, network or multi level marketing experts, associate marketing professionals, as well as anybody with an on the internet online service. Below are some engaging, yet not restricted to, reasons that you need to end up being a list building specialist: The...
  11. Daniel Gauci

    Lead Generation & offline to online Skills

    Hey guys, seems to be the right place for this, is a sort of guide, enjoy! A short insight about lead generation and how I became successful with it and how I can transfer these skills to Internet and Affiliate Marketing. I had started my career in sales and marketing at quite an early age...
  12. P

    Need , Win an iPhone 7 20 USD Payout

    Hello , I am expert to run bing PPC campaign, google adwords, as well as also i use facebook PPC ads and banner ads, Those methods are good to get conversions or lead.., i need Win an iPhone 7 Offer for FR , thanks
  13. kimran sons

    Hello good people

    Hello to all. I wanna be an active member and wanna learn from super affiliate about CPA marketing.
  14. Krishan Kumar

    How to Convince Someone to Pay Who's Looking for Free Stuff

    It may look funny to some people, but I really want to know this thing. Lets say.. I'm running a Scholarship & Grant offer(i) for a specific Country and getting some conversions. Now I'm seeing another (high payout) Scholarship & Grant offer(ii) which is not free and taking $10 for monthly...
  15. UdaySajib

    Need Help About Dating Offers Traffic Source

    Hello, I am new in Cpa Marketing.I want to know What is the best source to get more Dating Offers lead?
  16. Chris Porter

    Insurance Quote offers?

    Has anyone ever done Insurance Quote offers? I have heard of some people making a killing off of these offers because of they high payout they offer per lead. Please share you're thoughts on this!
  17. Shahar Friedman

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Shahar Friedman I am the Biz Dev. for Wingate Media LTD. Our group specialized in generating unique target traffic for the financial and gambling verticals since 2007. I also have many exclusive offers in those verticals that you will find attractive for you. PM me for more details :)
  18. C

    Offer Wanted What Network Can Offer Me THE BEST? (I'll bring in a lot of $$$ for you)

    Hi all, I am successful Affiliate of CRAKRevenue, Peerfly and FOREX. I mainly work Pay Per Lead with Adult. I've established a very specific and successful method that is guaranteed to work. I can generate as much as $500 per day for network with enough time put in. My problem with CRAK is that...
  19. Edouard Ducray


    Hello Everybody ADTHINK MEDIA IS AN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY. We specialize in audience monetization and content publishing services, enabling partner advertisers to achieve their goals by connecting them to millions of advertisers while offering content publishers ways to...