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  1. Michael Brock

    Hey All

    Hey All, My name is Michael Brock, and I just joined AffilateFix a little while ago. I live in Largo, Florida, which is my hometown. And I've been studying Internet marketing and practicing it (more as a hobby than a business) since the late 1990s. I had a few short lived successes and made...
  2. mryinyan

    The reason I joined: Jay Wessman

    Hi everyone, mryinyan here. I just recently came across lazyassstoner's videos and I only WISH I had known about him way back! I'm currently just about to start my online money-making journey. Still at ZERO dollars a month right now. Got lots to learn. I'm pretty excited. ---- EDIT: I guess I...
  3. William Fugere

    Getting into it

    Hi, apparently I'm supposed to post something about myself, so. Well I'm a highschool student, and I'm new to affiliate marketing, and am trying to start up. I have seen a lot of LazyAssStoner stuff, and it seems really good. I hope he will come back after being gone so long. Also, he used...