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  1. DylanWall

    Ask Me Anything What laptop is best for marketing!? NEED HELP!

    Hi fellow marketers, I am fairly new to the marketing world, and I am ready to work full time. ONE PROBLEM. I have no laptop.:( I would greatly appreciate it, if you guys could list some laptops that preform well and are in a sense; great for business. The price range does not matter. Thanks...
  2. newbiefriendly

    Young and inexperienced affiliate needs a business partner

    Alright I know there's not much I can offer you as a newbie, but at least I think I deserve a hearing. My full name is Chimaobi Christian Okeke, I am a Nigerian, and I am sure NO ONE here knows me( not as if I am known here in Nigeria anyway). I have clicked half of my IM life away on...