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landing page ctr

  1. aditan

    How To Optimize This Landing Page ?

    I have launched mobile offer campaign about free iPhone X and i use this landing page. But this landing page only has 1.8% CTR. What is the problem with this landing page ? How can i improve this landing page ? I'd really appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.
  2. Jones GR

    Finally I've decided to be part of AffiliateFix community!

    Hello, My name is Jones! :) I have known about AffiliateFix forum for a while, but never have I joined it due to some unknown reasons.** (Maybe because I thought I can be successful without others help or suggestions) ** Last 4 years of my life, I have been full time marketer and mainly...
  3. moniking25

    What is Adult mobile landing page average CTR

    hi recently i have worked with mobile usa traffic I have got Low CTR on mob average 12% but with same lp i get 40% with Pc can anybody tell me what is the average ctr