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  1. Wallester

    Official Wallester cards – a perfect tool for online media buying

    Do you buy advertisements on Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, or other platforms? Wallester offers a perfect solution for your business: instant issuance of virtual cards for online media buying! Wallester allows you to create payment cards for multiple ad campaigns for absolutely free. ✔️ How...
  2. Naomi Chan

    How Instagram marketing differs from Facebook marketing?

    When we look into demographic data, the average age of Instagram active users is smaller than Facebook’s. How could we target the millennials with Instagram hacks? Here are some of my thoughts: Online strategies Instagrammable stories and feed ads - featuring shareable lifestyle content...
  3. Shubham Ghildiyal

    How does Instagram works for you?

    Hi all, I am seeking out to roll out a branding campaign using Instagram(Paid), all strategies will be appreciate from beneath of my heart! Please do share your experiences & knowledge:)
  4. Shubham Ghildiyal

    HI all, please help me with your suggestions!

    Hi, hope all have great day. My question to all is, if you could guide me that, how effective & efficient will be display Ad's over YouTube for branding purpose. Considering, brand promotion for an deal Website. Please put some light on Instagram marketing(Paid) as well for the same purpose!
  5. vbelanskiy

    Instagram Blocks Affiliate Link

    Hey fellas!! I have been working with free social media marketing (free instagram traffic) and I have a problem about my affiliate link. When I send my affiliate link in direct message - instagram block the link and if you try to follow it, it shows a problem : "That page does not exist or it...
  6. vbelanskiy

    Instagram Anti-Spam System

    Hello everyone! I am trying to solve the problem with Instagram anti-spam and automatic direct message sender - an internet service that sends welcome messages to new subscribers. There are a lot of such services,you just sign into your instagram account inside the service and it can send any...
  7. MinhN

    Cloaking Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords with Keitaro

    For cloaking we need: 1. A safe page, which will be shown to moderators and advertising network bos. 2. An offer, money page. 3. Keitaro tracker. 4. A domain for tracker. Prepare a safe page Below is one of the ways to create a safe page. Find a landing page, which doesn’t violate advertising...
  8. P

    Hi ❤️

    I have instagram accounts with millions of following and would like to advertise ❤️
  9. emily bizprofits

    Attract More Instagram Traffic To Your Prelanders With Instagress Automation Software

    A big number of BizProfits affiliates rely on social networks to promote all kinds of CPA offers and to our delight, they succeed greatly. The reasons why this marketing tactic is so convenient and popular are numerous; specifically the broad reach and usability of social networks, not to...
  10. emily bizprofits

    How the Latest Instagram Algorithm Update Will Affect the Marketing Strategy of Brand Promoters

    The Instagram algorithm is undergoing a dramatic update that will soon affect the way online markets promote offers on one of the biggest social networks around. The update itself is very simple, it reorders images and videos in users’ feeds based on their interests. The reason for the update...
  11. D

    Instagram Ads - Have you ever tried it?

    For the case you didn`t know, Instagram has their own ad platform they have launched in October. Have you ever tried Instagram Ads? Are they strict with affiliates same as Facebook?