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  1. 2

    What is the best source to sell English audio course in Russia

    Hey folks, I'm pretty newbie in afmark. I'm a mediabuyer. Usually I work in Europe, Asia and exUSSR counties with nutra offers and it is pretty well with some of native ad networks like mgid, mediavenus and ladycash. But at the moment I'd like to add several new niches and one of them is audio...
  2. mnemonist

    Three Principles To Guarantee Affiliate Success

    Hey everyone, Although the trend on this forum is towards a different kind of affiliate marketing, those of you interested in education-based marketing and information products will probably benefit from this post called "Three Principles To Guarantee Affiliate Success"...
  3. ronnesha washington


    Hello All, I quit my job in order to so what I love. Now, I am in need of affiliate marketers to help me promote and sell my products. I have tried my hand at affiliate marketing, but for some reason, I couldn't grasp the concept of it. Please feel free to visit my websites and blog page in...