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  1. faceoffsuccess07

    my road to success with mobile CPA - $10,000/month Goal - Update 11/14/2017

    Hi Guys, After gathering information from this forum for months, I just decided to launch my first campaign. Aff Network :Adcombo Offer payout :$6.00 Offer type : Adult Traffic source :Traffic Force, and others So i loaded my traffic source with $100, used hidemyass and user agent switcher...
  2. netabdo

    Need your help to optimise a campaign - first step to get $100 per month

    Hi friends, After solving problem of traffic source, it's time to learn more and new things, never give up :) Was 3 days ago when I launched a campaign with details below: - offer for survey mobile - country :usa -landing page: lp with 2 question - spent : $10 - earned : $1.73 The campaign...
  3. B

    Click Loss Issue

    it's a great opportunity for affiliatefixers to have such a big IMer like Attila here in this forum. without further ado this is my question: I was running pop campaigns with PropellerAds, but I surprised with the huge click loss number that I got from them, but till now I don't really know...
  4. medvih


    Hi there, I am currently setting up my first campaign and I have a question. I would like to know how to setup tokens for my campaign. I am using Popads as the traffic source. Here is the link: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet Thanks
  5. KeoRid

    Selling Self-Hosted Tracker installation and sysadmin service - free for forum members

    HI for everyone! Our team has years of experience in installation and optimization on linux web servers. We will deploy ThriveTracker, AdsBridge, iMobiTrax, Prosper202, CPVLab or other self-hosted tracking solution for you. We use high-load web-server configuration nginx/php-fpm/Percona Mysql...