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  1. K

    FB ads + Clickbank = ZERO conversions

    I tested 3 products on Clickbank through Facebook ads and here is what happened Tested lookalike audiences from vendors ad > LP >Offer VSL all metrics on FB were good CTR was above 10% CPC was around $0.30 LP CTR was around 60% Product 1 Hops: 219 Order form impressions: 2 Sales: 0 Product...
  2. D

    Problem with Clickbank Hops not going through

    I have a HUGE problem with Clickbank . I am sending traffic using Aweber to a CB offer, Aweber is showing over 500 clicks , Clickbank analytic report is showing ZERO hops!! I have contacted my CB rep 3 times about this but no help, anybody else ever run into this problem ? Thanks Dan