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  1. M

    Hiring - Agency

    Hey there forum friends! I'm the CEO of a small digital marketing agency, and I could really use your help. We're on the lookout for a reliable external recruitment agency to help us find some top talent for our team. Finding the right candidates has been a real struggle for us, and it's been...
  2. Jonathon Walker

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, Jonathon Walker from Transparent Traders here. We offer one of the best commission rates in the industry. Our commission rate of 35% will pay these rates for our 1-month subscription, and 6-month subscription packages: 1-month commission = $41.98 per subscription 6-month...
  3. K

    10 steps to get and hire the best employees for your company

    Companies are made up of people, so the success of them will depend on the talent of their people. That's why finding competent candidates is a crucial activity. Follow these 10 steps to get and hire the right candidates to form the best team for your business. Define the profile of the...
  4. affjobs

    Affiliates Wanted Influencer in the Affiliate Industry? Have Affiliate Traffic? Read this.

    Hiring in the affiliate marketing industry is a pain. Not any more though. Enter: The pain killer for your recruiting headache. Are you an influencer in the Affiliate Marketing industry? Do you have an Affiliate blog? Know how to achieve big reach on Linkedin? Are well-connected...
  5. Chris Porter

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for a team social media marketing team!

    I am in search of a team to help promote a free phone program via social media or any other means. Let me know if you are interested! You can get paid to give away phones to people in need! The phones are actually really nice and it is a completely free program so that means it is very easy...