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  1. Mantracare

    Get up to 30% Commission with us

    Mantra Care is a world-renowned brand that offers premium quality services in the health and wellness space. The company has now launched its Mantra Care Affiliate Program, which is designed to reward affiliates for their efforts in promoting the Mantra Care brand. When you become an affiliate...
  2. HealthPromoter

    New here and looking for data partners

    Hi everyone. Looking forward to collaborating. I’ve been in the media space nearly 2 decades and focus my energy on helping people get great deals on healthcare while staying compliant with every piece of legislation required in the space. I’m in search of new publishers who are looking to...
  3. Natural Revenue

    Announcement Great incentvies every month for Affs!

    Natural Revenue is now accepting new affiliates and one benefit with us is we have great incentives every month to keep our Affs motivated, because when you are successful we are successful! ;) For example our incentives for December were! - more than 100 sales: 100€ - more than 50 sales...