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  1. Krishan Kumar

    What is the Best Way to promote a Lead Campaign giving $2 or Less?

    I've been running a School Scholarship & Grants lead campaign, payout is $2. I'm promoting this offer with Bing Ads. Now the problem is payout is $2 and average CPC for best performing keywords is $0.60-0.80 and even $1. I also tried low CPC keywords but those aren't getting any impressions and...
  2. Krishan Kumar

    Captured my first lead :) How to know which Ad is giving conversion(s) ?

    Hello Again, First of all a Heartiest thanks to the AffiliateFix community for all the Help & Support, today I generated my first lead in CPA :) @Marc special thanks to you Master! Now here comes my question :p I'm running 12 Ads under 2 Ad sets on Bing[PPC]. Almost all keywords from all Ads...