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  1. K

    FB ads + Clickbank = ZERO conversions

    I tested 3 products on Clickbank through Facebook ads and here is what happened Tested lookalike audiences from vendors ad > LP >Offer VSL all metrics on FB were good CTR was above 10% CPC was around $0.30 LP CTR was around 60% Product 1 Hops: 219 Order form impressions: 2 Sales: 0 Product...
  2. Kay Huang

    How to choose the right product to promote in Clickbank according to the Gravity stat?

    I'm interested in promoting Law of Attraction related products. And I found a few in Clickbank. There is one with high rebills, but the 'grav' stat is only 16.41. And another one also with high rebills, and the 'grav' stat is as high as 113.28. How do I choose with product is the best to...