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  1. Steven11

    Domain pointing failure with godaddy and vultr

    Hello, guys. I bought a domain from godaddy and set a VPS using vultr and set wordpress application. At first the domain pointed to IP successfully, but soon broke. The browser said can't read DNS. Later it is connected successfully again and soon broke again. Would you tell me what is the...
  2. james3322

    Who Best Hosting Provider for 50k traffic website ?

    Hey i need expert reply to know about best web hosting providers, who are best to handle high rank and high traffic website ? because one of my client, whose site having almost 40K Traffic per day, and now he is facing issue, sometimes his domain remain off for few minutes of 1hours, after...
  3. thecollector

    Godaddy Hosting Commissions went down ?

    I have been promoting godaddy hosting for a while,dont ask me why, but i DO. I have been earning some steady income ( not to replace a fulltie jobtho) over the last two years through commission junction. I have noticed that the commissions have reduced in the last 6 months to half of what i...