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    Ask Me Anything GEOs you should consider in 2022-2023

    If you’ve been reading us for a while, you must know by now we specialize in finding exclusive offers from local advertisers from all over the world. Which means - we know the trends. We believe in expanding your ‘GEO horizons’ and working in any country that has internet coverage. So today we...
  2. epetoke

    Decades in affiliate marketing but new at AffiliateFix

    Hey guys, our resource listing has recently been approved so just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I am an affiliate manager for a UK based affiliate network We have a range of campaigns in multiple geos (US, UK, CA, DE, AU....) and verticals with high payouts and...
  3. S

    Looking for new partners and traffic

    I am reaching to new publishers to be able to drive traffic immediately for my new clients. Our offers are only CPA-CPL at the moment but we can offers on CPM and CPI, we do not offer rev share or hybrid deals, and we have gaming offers. Germany, Austria and nordics countries are hot and...
  4. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser

    Over 150 Geos with lower CPM

    Hey Everybody, wanted to let you know that we've lowered the bids for more then 150 Geos! This is the perfect time to buy high quality traffic for a low investment. I'm super friendly :) so feel free to let me know if you have any questions or need any help to get started with
  5. Lilian

    Difference in CR

    So an affiliate of mine was using a certain LP for the same offers in different Geos, and then we (I and my affiliate) realized that the CR for various geos where really far apart. It was of trying to find an answer for this difference, that I observed that CTR is very Geo-related, as less...
  6. Elad Cohen

    How do i know what are the best Geos on Airpush? (Geos with a lot of traffic)

    Hi! I would like to pick a mobile offer on Peerfly and promote it on Airpush. How would i know what are the best Geos on Airpush, which ones has a lot of traffic? how can i decide between Mexico, Peru, India or Ireland for example? (in terms of traffic amount and traffic cost)