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  1. Jaguar

    Starting my Journey. Need some inputs

    Hello everyone, I wasn't doing CPA since 2 years. Now I guess it's time for me to start again. I'm planning to start fresh. I need your inputs on what I'm planning to do. I've read @tyoussef tutorial. And I'm...
  2. thehustler

    Country domain and language - CPA Offer

    Hey, I'm looking forward to promoting a CPA offer to the people of Cyprus. So, I wanted to get a .cy domain. And found out that neither namecheap or godaddy supports .cy or tld domains. When I searched for example - and, both namecheap and godaddy...
  3. JonathanB

    Turn off the noise and focus! But how...?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jonathan. I'm a German/Canadian marketer and pretty new to the Affiliate Marketing world. In my prior business (a music pr agency for independent artists and record labels) I had some good success doing Lead Gen in 12 European GEOs and eventually managed to exit it two...
  4. XXXOnline

    Selling Traffic Left over traffic for sale

    Hi Eveyrone, Because my sites are growing very fast i have lots of Tier 1&2 traffic (direct traffic) With lots i'm speaking of 50/70K a day (adult traffic) I'm looking for €2,- a CPM. If your are interested please send me a PM. Their is not negotiation about the price.
  5. Barton_101

    Looking For New Publishers!

    Hello, community :) Hope you, who read this words you in the good mood, and ready to make BIG money! Monetizus is ready to convert your Desktop Traffic. The unique proposal at the market based on JS methods. - Best RPU - RevShare 70/30 - All Geos - English /Russian support - Wishes to have a...
  6. S

    CZ PL SL SO Is anyone running campaigns in Eastern Europe successfully?

    Romania Balcans Poland Czech Republic - how guys is it going for you?
  7. S

    Tier 1/2/3 - stop think stupid!!

    Hey guys! Dont want to waste your time!! Here is the one very important thing!! Tier 1/2/3 - a lot of networks love to use those definition.. Do you really believe in it?! In my opinion it it showing nothing. For example Tier 1 used to be valued as fattest traffic. WHY? According ranking...
  8. S

    Hello everyone! Who is on Polish market?

    Hello guys! How is going with Polish market? Which niche did you try and what is good working there? Thanks!
  9. Elad Cohen

    How do i know what are the best Geos on Airpush? (Geos with a lot of traffic)

    Hi! I would like to pick a mobile offer on Peerfly and promote it on Airpush. How would i know what are the best Geos on Airpush, which ones has a lot of traffic? how can i decide between Mexico, Peru, India or Ireland for example? (in terms of traffic amount and traffic cost)