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  1. IncomeHydra

    Hello everyone, very well met!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am an Affiliate Network noob, but working hard to learn (IOf anyone can suggest a good solid, noob foundation of learning for;CPA, PPI,CPV,PPD etc and landing pages, would be appreciated). My current online income are done via- Youtube Channel in the Gaming...
  2. LewisRichmond

    Looking For Games Offers Network

    Hello, any good network to recommend for games network? Thanks
  3. Benjamin Pages

    Creative Ideas for Game Offer Pre-Lander

    Hi All, What pre-landers do you think (or know) work best for simple game offers (eg. tetris, pacman, etc.)?
  4. A

    Looking for Good Affiliate Network for mobile gaming offers, CPI or leads

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a good mobile gaming network having lots of CPI and CPL offers on android and IOS? Traffic will be mainly from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc...I am gonna create videos on these games and drive traffic to LPs. It will be combination of Free and Paid mobile...
  5. PSP

    Glad To Be Here + First Question on CPA

    Hi all, I just stumbled on this great affiliate community and I decided to introduce myself...with a question ;). But first I'm relatively new on the Affiliate scene(about 2 years) but I've learnt a lot the hard way and now my aim is to learn and EARN the easier way! I have moderate experience...
  6. Jeff_Z

    What retention rate is fair for CPI game offers?

    Hi everyone, I am new to mobile aff marketing and have a couple of questions about CPI game offers. From what I see so far, many of these offers come with a requirement of a minimum 1-2 day retention rate of 65-70%. Two questions: 1. Is 65-70% a fair RR for a game? If not, what is a fair...