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  1. Mikeyboy

    ⭐Hi :) (Long post full of gold... )

    Hello Friendly Affiliate Forum :) I'm Mike from the UK. I've made good money in the past several years with CPA. None of which was made using the conventional "brainstorm angles, split test this, test that, then optimize constantly". Not shared my methods before but i want to start on the right...
  2. mokhtar hasfulloh

    Hi Everyone

    Hello, my name is mokhtar, i am new to this affiliate, if you wish I would like to study and be your friend. thank you
  3. jhondevi118

    I am new here

    Hello members , I am new here :affiliatefix: , how are you all ? :p I hope everyone friendly and helpful in this forum :):):):)
  4. xlovecash

    Hi, my name is Dave

    Hi All, My name is Dave and I am an affiliate account manager with This is a great company and we do well by affiliates: support, weekly payments, newsletter, ect. apart from work I am a gamer online, large family and family time. Things are great for now, I am alive and forever...