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  1. Honeybadger

    Pixabay Adds Free Music to Free Video

    Pixabay have some (some thousands) videos Free download if you register Not the biggest selection But generally good quality Now there is some free music downloads Again, some thousands Useful if you need free video & audio
  2. Bloody Tourist

    Free landing page templates

    I just found out that Leadpages are giving away their top landing page templates for free. Am I the only one who didn't know about this? Right here: The Ultimate List of Free Landing Page Templates From Leadpages You need to optin to download them, just grab a disposable here: ✉...
  3. Bloody Tourist

    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Heart Of Vegas Landing Page

    Haven't shared stuff in a while and came across this lander when I was doing some cleaning on my cloud server. I used this in a content locker campaign a couple of months ago. The app is still pretty popular, so you should still be able to use it. Or modify it to something else. Just change...
  4. Timeforbank

    New to the Forum - Free Reports on Affiliate Marketing - No Opt-in

    Hi everyone. New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am currently working on different affiliate marketing methods and am about 3 months in now on most of my websites. I have some experience in Amazon Associate marketing, PLR product marketing, and I have a site where I market a...
  5. ramifenili

    ☀☀ Pokémon GO Landing | Free PokéCoins Generator ☀☀

    Hi! Here's a free landing page (responsive) that I made a few hours ago! It fakes a PokéCoins Free Generator :) Please read! Open index.html and edit line 55 with your advertising link This link will alternate with my advertising Mobidea.
  6. G

    Which is the best free pdf file download site?

    i want to promote cpa product locking offer.for this why i am looking for any website where i can download free pdf and its will "giveaway right license". is there any free website where i free download pdf and use it for product locking. waiting for experts replay. thanks