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fraudulent traffic

  1. Adam80Johnson

    How do you cope with fraud?

    Hi! Do you have fraud issues? I got a message from my affiliate network manager that there is fraud in my traffic. Have you ever been in similar situation? Which tool is not costly but good at fraud detection?

    How to Detect Fraud in Your Affiliate Campaign

    With more and more people dedicating their lives to affiliate marketing on a global scale, it is also becoming increasingly clear that more and more people are in the game for making a quick buck and are not afraid to trick the system. Add to that, the "lawlessness" and anonymity of the...
  3. Mobidea

    Fraud - How to deal with Bot Traffic?

    We all know fraud is one of those monumental issues that threaten our business. Bot traffic, which has been predominant on both CPM and CPC campaigns, can be a real drag. Adnetworks should be able to deal with this; to filter this sort of shady traffic that ruins our lives. However, they also...
  4. T J Tutor

    Dealing Fraudulent Traffic

    I read an interesting article in Webmaster Magazine about detecting non human traffic, which we are all hampered by in our traffic buys. comScore acquired MdotLabs in early Aug. 2014 to augment its non-human traffic (NHT) detection methods used in the Media Metrix and validated Campaign...