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  1. Honeybadger

    Guide all i need is focus.....

    focus is everything focus aka relevance > center> hub > capital > core > mecca > heart > central > locus > base > seat > nucleus > axis > nexus > eye > ground zero > headquarters > epicenter > navel > cynosure > nerve center > playground > essence > hot spot > omphalos > attraction > where it's...
  2. Honeybadger

    $2,460 a Late Christmas Present !!

    Commission from December 2020 is finalized Received one payment today, others next week Total $2,460 Network 1 -> $534 Network 2 -> $604 (Amazon Associates) Network 3 -> $835 Network 4 -> $487 $2,460 is alot lower than last month ($3,665) But it does pay my monthly bills again Next 2 month's...
  3. willfitz

    Starting my affiliate marketing journey properly

    Hi, i'm Will Fitz, I've been interesting in making money online now for a few years. I had some great success with you tube ad sense a couple years ago but that ended rather abruptly. I want to build a sustainable long term business (life long) online so i can be financially abundant and able to...
  4. thehustler

    How do you stay focused and more productive?

    Hey, just wanted to have the discussion and know how do you all successful people stay focused and productive throughout the day? Like sometimes your attention gets diverted to IG, FB, Youtube, a comedy tv show, movies etc. How do you manage to avoid those distractions and continue to stay...
  5. JonathanB

    Turn off the noise and focus! But how...?

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jonathan. I'm a German/Canadian marketer and pretty new to the Affiliate Marketing world. In my prior business (a music pr agency for independent artists and record labels) I had some good success doing Lead Gen in 12 European GEOs and eventually managed to exit it two...