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  1. seneca

    ClickMagick and Massive amounts of fake clicks

    Hi everyone, I am testing ClickMagick, and on the site they are clear that: They don't want some type of traffic from bulk traffic sites, auto surf traffic exchange and some PPV i.e: adcash, zeropark,, leadimpact, 50onred, mobicow (there are more sites...
  2. scroogefrog

    Do you use some services for blocking fake clicks?

    Do you use some services for blocking fake clicks? If yes, can you please write me some of those that you use? It will be very useful for me to know! Thanks for your attention !

    WARNING!! Do not Join XY7 Affiliate or elite-calls network.

    Well i had a feeling of not joining XY7 network as i read many bad reviews about them. But still thought to give a try as it is a US based network and i know, if they jack my off, i am going to SUE them big time, as i have already made a lot of savings and kept some money aside. Well till now...