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  1. anandbernard

    How I made $1.5 Million in 1month using Facebook ads?

    Facebook ads after iOS 14 - How to run profitable and scale? $1 million case study. It's never the same when it comes to running ads after iOS14. Well, the good news is the users are still the same as they keep growing and getting better every day. Over the past years, Facebook had a huge...
  2. velaryon

    Help understanding framework of affiliate marketing.

    As a newbie, I think the biggest think holding people back is not understanding the overall "structure" of how AM works. So i appreciate any help regarding that. My questions are: 1. Does AM (as an affiliate) involve mostly posting links (such as on your blog or on Facebook groups), paying for...
  3. B

    How much budget i needed to run facebook ads.

    I want to run one CPA and CPI offer on facebook ads, so my question is how much budget is required to get good conversion. Also suggest which is model is help me to get good conversions.