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  1. GB Scriese

    Do bulk e-mail services always fall in reputation?

    Hello Everyone, my company used some bulk e-mail services for a couple of campaigns. Not quite advertisements, mind you, more like newsletters to semi-warm contacts as non-intrusive as possible. One service we tried was It worked for the most part, but delivery was sloppy and looking...
  2. Hubaku

    Email Marketing for Affiliate Offers

    Hi fellas, I need some advise from anyone who is currently actively running email marketing offering amy affiliate offers such as sweeps, pharmaceutical product, health product and others type of offers. I have approximately 350k cold list. The problem that I faced was SMTP such as Amazon...
  3. K

    bulk email advice needed asap

    hello, i am here for bulk email advise for single opt in data. please help.
  4. M

    Anyone using SendInBlue?

    I'm looking into email platforms and was wondering if anyone has any experience with SendInBlue?