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  1. Ma'at Hetep

    Yes I'm a Newbie :)

    Here's my second post on the forum after introducing myself :) So I have been looking through some of the threads on the forum especially the ones related to some of the questions I would have asked. At this point I have a few things I'm wondering about. The first one is about using EPC as...
  2. MaxAffiliate77

    What is EPC in Internet Marketing?

    What is EPC in Internet Marketing?
  3. MarinaKimia

    Affiliates! Want more revenue in...

    ... some of this weeks trending segments! Adult Italy - TIM - epc $8.92 Argentina - Personal - epc: $1.24 Germany - Vodafone - epc: $3.74 Mainstream Iraq - Asia Cell - epc $8.04 United Kingdom - Three - epc $0.96 Bangladesh - Banglalink - epc $0.48 Signup with Kimia, no strings attached!
  4. chriscxmpo

    EPC vs Payout: What's the difference?

    Hi. I am currently looking for a CPA offer that I could promote. However, I see two amounts on the offer. One EPC and Payout. My questions are: 1. What's the difference? 2. Should I look at EPC or Payout? Thank you.
  5. Dempseymadden

    Affiliates Wanted ATTENTION ALL

    ATTENTION ALL MONSTERADS is rapidly expanding and bringing in new highly profitable offers regularly and we want highly skilled publishers to market them. MONSTERADS have you covered in all verticals giving you the ability to diversify your campaigns which keeps that revenue flowing. If you...
  6. salah00

    The <Epc> Question

    hi all Question that has always puzzled me!!!!! What does it mean EPC What I do not understand its importance in presentations or why he found already ??
  7. JakeMA

    All EPCs are NOT created equally

    All EPCs are NOT created equally I wanted to share an article that was written from our Network Manager Chris Patrick. When shopping for a network to run a campaign, how many of you have run a campaign split test between two networks? Most all of you I would guess! Did you know that if you...