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epc vs payout

  1. Alex Pearce

    August CPA is HOT

    And so is the conversion... All in all our affiliates have gotten up to $22EPC & $150 eCPL on these GEO’s: Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Switzerland Here are the rates & tiers we’re offering in August to help you get those results: 0 - 25 FTD > $650 CPA 25 -...
  2. chriscxmpo

    EPC vs Payout: What's the difference?

    Hi. I am currently looking for a CPA offer that I could promote. However, I see two amounts on the offer. One EPC and Payout. My questions are: 1. What's the difference? 2. Should I look at EPC or Payout? Thank you.