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email marketing guide

  1. K

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast

    5 Tools That'll Help You Build An Email List Fast Why is email marketing important? I sum that up in one answer. According to research, about 50% of people purchase from a marketing email at least once a month. Actually, let me give you one more answer. People are always looking at their...
  2. affiliatelk

    Need email marketing advice

    Hi, I have collected email addresses of usa women, age (25-45) married women having children. I would like to promote Health & Beauty, Kids related click bank products through email marketing. Is there anyone can advice me on it? Thanks
  3. Sara Diaz

    How to measure your email List Churn rate?

    In email marketing, marketers try every strategy to ensure they are able to make an opt-in list. May it be putting forth free downloadable content to making your presence felt in social networking sites. What is a List Churn Rate? List churn rate measures the percentage of subscribers those...