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  1. kaushik1996

    How can I get the best email validity checker?

    Nice question! But before this, one question arrives in mind is: How will you consider the best email validators? Well, It may be based on accuracy, speed, and affordable price. Right!? Okay. So, how will you find them? Well, As per my research, almost all email validators provide free email...
  2. M

    Email Marketing

    Hello, i have a 50k emails list (opt-in) and planing to send for it CPA affiliate offers and generate little revenue from it. What is the best way to do it? What is the best platform/software with good delivery to use? Your recommendations. P.S: i don't want to pay big budget. Thank you.
  3. Abhi Shah

    Love you all | Great place | Great people | I'm happy to be here!

    Hola Friends, Let me quickly introducing myself and my organization. I am Abhi Shah, Developer Evangelist at SwipeMail. I love coding. And, sorry guys i have strict instruction from the moderator of affiliatefix that I can't introduce about my startup here without permission. So, you need to...
  4. David Williams

    The Awesome Email Address List Cleaner and Verifier

    Thanks for for building this website, About me, it's so simple. I'm many year experienced email marketer and now providing email address list cleaning and verification. It's a high quality service and with unbeatable price, you can clean and verify your 1 millions email...
  5. I

    Partnership looking for email marketing partner.

    Hello, hope everything is well. I have developed a strategy/funnel. to monetize email any lists. I've a experiences in email marketing, email deliverability and linux mail servers. I have multiple reliable email list provider sources (Different niches: BizOpp, Health/diet, Forex..etc), I also...
  6. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Partnership Your Email sending platform + Myself & My partner Offers & email list = $$$

    This Joint Venture is basically to an individual that as capacity(platform) to send bulk emails. I'm an email marketer myself but I really do not have time to set things up. So presently, you will work with one other person who is saddled with the responsibility of providing email list, while I...
  7. Refes

    Final manual to subsidized Emails

    For publishers focusing on the monetization in their websites, the traffic coming to and interacting with your homes is an asset with probably full-size fee. However it’s crucial to notice that this traffic, or user base, asset can take a couple of paperwork. The most common shape in terms of...
  8. Adi Balata Agustinus


    Give You 625 million Email list ONLY $5 Or Free Limited Guarantee And only temporarily Send Private Message Your Bonus : 250 More Software/Tools is Essential And Useful for internet marketing, CPA program, PPD, Traffic, SEO and Youtube, Daily Motion and others. Category Area...
  9. TrafficGoldmine

    Representing TrafficGoldmine...

    From Boulder, CO. Im a techie, biker, hiker, frisbee golfer and hippie wrangler. For work - I am an advertiser / affiliate manager. I am also an avid developer, marketer, Wordpress consultant in my "off time"... Im looking forward to meeting other affiliates, marketers and developers
  10. shanePMTA

    pwerMTA setup (SMTP)

    We are bulk email services, powerMTA + interspire.