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  1. Pikachu

    From 500$ a month to -10$

    Hello, After earning only about 100$ a month I've grown up to about 500$ a month. I'm using only amazon affiliate and I'm tracking my clicks with different IDs. I had 6 buttons on every reviews pages that I made, and after 6 months of data I've seen that 4 of those buttons were not making me a...
  2. manicandy

    My First 5 Figures with Affiliate Marketing

    After working 6 months to rank my site on #1 position in google. I was able to make 5 figures. Spent on ads: $0 (Completely Organic form Google) Earnings: $11000+
  3. Axel_inferno09

    MY GROWTH OF EARNINGS (from $1 to $100 + per day)

    Hello guys! this is the growth of my earnings from 0 - $1 to $100+ per day. All i want to say is never give up :) *PS- regarding the last $19,i took the screenshot at the exact moment and uploaded it.. the day has just started so yeah eventually it will rise :D
  4. AffiliateDude

    My earnings this month 201% ROI

    This is the most i have earned this month. Aiming to make even more next month will keep you posted. Earnings: $193.75 Invested: $64 ROI = 201% Offer: Not disclosed Traffic: Not disclosed
  5. cimpoi constantin

    adult offers/daily payout in euros

    hey guys!looking for daily payout?add me on skype: cimpoi.constantin1 adult/dating/mainstream offers for desktop and mobile,all geo's!daily cashout on paxum,payoneer,paypal etc!Happy earnings!
  6. cimpoi constantin

    New here!affiliate publisher for about 4 years!

    hi there!anyone looking for cpa,cpl,cpc,pps offers ?i can help...instant payout too!thanks
  7. DEADZ

    $260+ This month (7 Dec 2016) already with CPA + IG

    Been hitting $60+ the last few days. Hoping to hit $100 per day sometime soon. Earnings today (7 Dec) on cpalead: The method i'm using You can ask me anything about the method on the thread. I'm more than happy to help. Planning on moving all my focus and energy towards the network in my...
  8. Chris Porter

    Made $2.6k this month from Free Offers

    Wanted to share this with everyone! Sometimes the products you give away for free pay out real well!! :) This is my earnings for the month of September so far just from free downloads!
  9. K

    My earnings And Looking for Affiliate Network.!!!!!!!!

    Looking for mobile Affiliate Network or other with CPI , adult, sweepstake offers. here is my earning in AUG. I started affiliate marketing two months ago.
  10. A

    Announcement Adsterra REFERRAL Program is now AVAILABLE!

    EARN EXTRA $$$ WITH ADSTERRA REFERRAL PROGRAM! Take advantage of the lifetime commission and add 5% to your current earnings by joining Adsterra Referral Program! The more people you refer, the more income you will get. Simple! Adsterra publishers are provided with a unique “invite” URL and a...
  11. A

    Adsense Earning really low yesterday.

    Hii Everyone Yesterday i get 54 clicks on my ads from adsense, but wich only paid my 30 cents. How is this possible? Best Regards Andrew Waatz