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  1. Pavel Nedved

    Looking For Email Marketing for China - E-Commerce Campaign. BIG BUDGET!

    Hi all, I wonder if there is someone here that have ever made email mktg for an E-Commerce campaign (more precisely for a big Watches Brand), for China. And what were the results that you had. My client have big big budget to spend, but we need first to show him some stats and numbers. Thanks.
  2. M

    Hello Affiliate World from UK based M2M!

    Greetings everybody, There's still a lot we need to read through before we start using this site but I thought it'd be nice to introduce ourselves by saying 'Hi'! We're a small company of less than 10 employees all from a marketing background but with strengths from different areas. Looking...
  3. S

    Bulk e-mail. Please advise

    Hey guys! Which bulk e-mail solutions do you use ? didnt want to make an anti advertisment. But tried a lot and open rate is very very slooooow
  4. D

    How is conversion tracked in e-mail marketing?

    Greeting fellas! Happy to join this community. I recently started in affiliate marketing. I am primarily active in e-mail marketing of affiliate offers. Most of the e-mail offers take recipients to landing pages where they do registration. I was wondering, how is lead conversion/acquisition is...
  5. M

    Doctorsenders database

    Anyone that have tried using doctorsenders (drcloud) e-mail database, sending out affiliate campaigns?
  6. M

    Looking for partner

    Hello I am starting to use e-mail marketing as a traffic source for affiliate marketing.. But... I am not good at Setup these things/servers and need a partner to help me Sterling this up.. I Will give a percent cut of what i earn to the partner that Can help me.. The problem is that is dont...