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domain names

  1. Dr Doomain

    [METHOD] Making a living from weird domain names

    I want to share the method that made me money online for the first time more than 10 years ago. Although many things have changed, it could still work today. What are IDNs? IDN stands for Internationalized Domain Names, which can mean hyphenated (á, é, etc) or special (Chinese, Korean, etc)...
  2. Ramo

    I need this domain

    I need thid domain name " becomepsychiatrist .com " and the owner said 1000$ .Is it worth the price ?
  3. ChadNedland

    Domain or Not To Domain, that is the question

    I have been torn between these two options for many years, but I have lately settled on domain forwarding. I would love to hear your opinions.
  4. RushMan

    New to the Tribe

    Hello I've been investing in Domain Names for awhile now, but very SLOW way to make any $$. Looking forwards to learning and ramping up my income. Thanks for having me.....
  5. M

    Seeking affiliate marketer for long-term cooperation

    Hi, I am looking for an independent and creative affiliate marketer, who would like to help me monetize portfolio of my domain names. I have small, but growing portfolio of domain names .com and .cc from different fields. I also have several adult domain names. My goal is to raise the value of...