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  1. schleprock

    USA traffic (non KW) to zip submits?

    I am thinking about applying to DNTX for USA traffic to send to a credit repair offer (but it could be any zip submit offer). I looked at the DNTX traffic estimator and it shows extremely limited KW traffic for KWs in the credit repair (or whatever) category. Do people normally use KW traffic...
  2. DNTX Support

    DNTX Support

    Hi guys, we are happy to tell you that DNTX is on this platform now. We would love to answer your questions around our Marketplace. Have a look We offer PPR (Zero-Click) & POP Traffic and are the best alternative for Google Adwords. Best, DNTX Support
  3. windycity

    Check Out These Insane Stats From Dntx Traffic

    Hi Guys, This is my first post in the Dojo as I just joined yesterday. My background is affiliate marketing since 1998 (and corporate seo), so I have sites set up with affiliate offers that get traffic. And I have seen and analyzed every pattern of behavior imaginable with visitors. But this...