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dating method

  1. Frank Dethridge

    Completely free method for noobs

    ok, I'm going to give the bare bones of a method for the complete noob. I posted in the wrong thread so moving here. All you need is a mobile phone. 1. register a snap chat account 2. upload a bitmoji 3. register on multiple apps or sites like bigo, tango etc as a female with a pretty pic 4...
  2. ByOffers

    Ask Me Anything What traffic sources are forbidden for most dating offers, and which are desirable?

    Every day we receive lots of questions from publishers among which the most common one is: what traffic sources are allowed for the particular offer promotion in dating niche. The most important word in the previous sentence is PARTICULAR offer! Though there exist certain general sources...
  3. Nelly

    Success: Work hard and get from 0 to $10k/month

    As some of you remember I started my "adult dating journey" last year Basicly it was driving free dating traffic from facebook to Medcash Landings like This One(NSFW) And I am still working with that method. Now my stats looks like this 2 month I was on holiday and within other 5 month of...