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  1. Graybeard

    Inflation and Product Pricing

    There are two main types of inflation: demand-pull inflation and cost-push inflation. Demand-pull inflation occurs when there is too much money chasing too few goods. This situation is often caused by an increase in money supply or a decrease in the supply of goods. When there is a shortage of...
  2. Pikachu

    From 500$ a month to -10$

    Hello, After earning only about 100$ a month I've grown up to about 500$ a month. I'm using only amazon affiliate and I'm tracking my clicks with different IDs. I had 6 buttons on every reviews pages that I made, and after 6 months of data I've seen that 4 of those buttons were not making me a...
  3. Mrcheaply

    How Can I Make One Button To Open Two Links?

    Please can anyone explain how I can make a CTA button on my landing page (when clicked) to open the target offer page in a new tab, but also open another lander in the SAME tab as the first lander? Anyone, please?
  4. Circulation.Tube

    Which CTA button works best for you?

    Hi everyone! Just a random question... Which CTA button does work best for you? Ofcourse not 1 CTA works best for every niche... i know, but for example Amazon uses a gold colour... Which colour/image/text works best for you? My: Niche: Adult Colour: Green Text: Go On
  5. conquering_lion79

    totally first beginner's journey

    hi there, as titled, this is my first journey of newbie in the world of IM specially with affiliation ! who ? me, a 36yo man, skilled in web automation tasks, scraping, ruby, rails, html, css, seo, vseo, ... why ? because I am tired to take subway every day, waking up at 7h o'clock, and I...