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  1. S

    Microjobs sites for CPL affiliate marketing

    Heyy guys! Im a beginner to affiliate marketing so i was wondering if i can use microjobs sites (timebucks, picoworkers..) to get sign ups and generate leads. Does that work? Is it legal? Thanks!
  2. Abril

    Announcement ¡Olé! We landed in SPAIN

    Summer is here, and with it, the hottest offers of the season! We raise the temperature by bringing our NEW IN-HOUSE OFFERS in Spain. Tailor-made offers to lift up your conversions! If you need more info, please contact our AM via email ( or join our network...
  3. SNC

    Looking for host and post leads in the hearing health space!

    Hi everyone! Excited to be here, this is my first post! My company is growing quickly in the hearing healthcare space and we are looking for quality prime host and post leads with name, email, phone, address for $1.00 or under. Can anyone help? THANK YOU!
  4. kishore73

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for traffic in all verticals

    Looking foraffiliates in beauty,health, adult,crypto verticals on CPA/CPL basis. High payouts.No prepayment
  5. J

    I'm with Mozoo!! We are looking for direct CPI, CPL, CPA Offers

    Hi Everybody! I'm very excited to now be a part of the AffiliateFix Community :) Mozoo is a mobile performance network with LOTS of great publishers and offers. I work on the advertiser side and am currently looking for direct offers our publishers can run. We work with many great media...
  6. Alex_Chess

    Buying Leads 250k $$ budget for binary leads

    Guys, i ve got 250K budget to buy leads. I gotta find 2 aff`s, that we are gonna work with. One i ve already found. Gotta close the second. Feel free to discuss. We can accept unlimited amount of leads. Vertical: Binary options Geo`s: ZA, SG, MY, LATAM, DACH, some of Tier1 Payout: prepay...
  7. Robbie Heather

    Any affiliates out there looking for more work and more money?

    We are in a very strong position with multiple buyers wanting more and more PPC generated leads for flight claims in particular, anyone with experience as an affiliate will be welcomed in to our Affiliate Cloud training platform. With lots of buyers in place, we really could do with a few more...
  8. evomarketplace

    Looking to Sell Stellar GCC CPL FOREX traffic

    Hey Y'all, We have a few direct GCC pubs, looking to match their traffic with a well put together CPL forex offer. If anyone has any insights or offers that come to mind, post here!
  9. E

    Best Ad Network For CPA or CPL offers.

    Hi everyone, can anyone give me your inputs regarding best traffic except Adwords or Bing Ads worth trying for CPA or CPL offer? And please share your experience with those networks. Any inputs would be appreciated.
  10. RobbieLittle

    Ask Me Anything at All - New Super Affiliate introducing himself

    Hey guys! I thought I'd create an AMA as I'm a Super Affiliate specializing in CPL generation. To sum up my story, I do full time lead generation for private clients. This is simply to give you the benefit and offer some knowledge around. Here's some FAQs for your convenience: 1) Yes - I...
  11. CPMstars

    Affiliates Wanted Exclusive Campaigns

    Hello Everyone, CPM Stars is an innovating ad network managing exclusive as well as direct campaigns open to desktop and mobile traffic. With a proprietary cutting edge algorithm which optimizes traffic in real time publishers can be reassured that not even one impression will go to waste...
  12. Steevo

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns

    Hi, I'm looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns. Thanks
  13. datingoffers

    Buying Traffic Looking for dating traffic FRA

    Hi, Looking for big seasoned affiliates to promote our famous dating brands in FRA CPL High payouts and good CR! TogetherNetworks affiliates network We are willing to pay A LOT!!
  14. MariaV

    Buying Traffic I have offers

    PPCall, CPA, CPL NEW platform: we have offers for your traffic! Brand new platform with tons of exclusive CPA, CPL, PPCall offers in many different verticals: dating, solar, business loan, mortgage, health, insurance, travel, and more... Take a look at our campaigns and start optimize your...
  15. Steevo

    Looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns

    I work for a London based performance marketing agency. We are always looking for more email data owners to run our campaigns. We have a wide range of offers from financial and lifestyle to home improvements and gambling, including some exclusives. We offer excellent pay out rates and we're...
  16. Jungletap

    Affiliates Wanted APK/CPL/CPA/CPI offers are available!

    Hello guys! Are you looking for APK/CPL/CPA/CPI offers with the best payouts? We have offers for you and looking for additional sources of mobile traffic for them. Please ping us via skype: margo.jungletap for further discuss. Have a great time!
  17. D

    Affiliate Manger for Smart ADV

    I'm an account manager for exclusive affiliate marketing company that prides itself on delivering the highest level of service in the industry. We have top performing CPL/CPA/CPS campaigns in all major verticals including but not limited to Auto, Financial, Health & Beauty, Dating, etc.....We...
  18. surya jain

    Looking for CPL Traffic

    Hello everyone Hope you doing fine!!!! Click Cabin is looking for publishers to run our highly converting campaigns. we have campaigns targeting all the geos and verticals. Pingme @skype : sj.alpha123