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    Hello i am new!

    Hello guys, I am new here i want to learn more about adult CPA offers, and i was trying some methods i didn't had success, so now i found this forum and try to configure it out. So if you guys have some advice on how to get adult traffic it would be nice, i don't have so much budget about...

    Adult SOI Offer

    Hello Sir, my name is Mahidi , I want to promote adult smart link offer & SOI/DOI offers but don't get effective method to bring traffic. I tried social networks but does not work for me.What can I do?
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    CPA offer promotion

    Hello,friends.I am beginner in CPA marketing.I have found that CPA offer is based on specific country.But my website gets traffic from many countries.I want to know how to promote a cpa offer and gets traffic from targeted country.Are there any free mathod to get traffic from targeted country.