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cpa losing money


    Ahmed from EGYPT, Affiliate marketer since three years

    I am doing marketing since three years, i joined dozens of unhelpful programs, get frustrated till one week ago when i accepted through adwork media network, i am so happy , but still reading and studying everything about the phenomena of CPA, I wish i find great help in this awesome forum here...
  2. A

    New in CPA Marketing. Any tips?

    Hi Everyone, I am just start doing CPA marketing about a month ago. So far I'm using w4 network and 50or traffic source. I have created about 30 campaigns and got a few small conversions after two weeks on it and then it seems to slow down. I think I may have miss a piece of the jig saw puzzle...
  3. b222b2

    Spent a lot on leadbolt and buzzcity but not any single converstion

    Hi there, I'm really disappointed on entry level CPA marketing. I picked up email submit( High EPC ), education, mobile pin submit offers and run a campaign on leadbolt and buzzcity. But there is no conversion made yet after losing about $60. I don't understand one thing, how others are...