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cpa journey

  1. noobguy

    [Follow My Journey] Complete Noob Starts CPA Marketing

    Hey Guys! I have started my CPA marketing journey - don't know how long it will last though. I've previously tried out a few different ways to make some money online but CPA seems very attractive to me atm. Like many people, i too suffer from severe Shiny Object Syndrome. I'm making this...
  2. Ashwin Satyanarayana

    Digital Marketer|CPA Beginner | First CPA Results

    Even if you knew everything about PPC, Social Media, SEO, blogging, A/B testing, Analytics, and tracking, when it comes to CPA, I consider myself a complete beginner. I've made some affiliate sales in the past (CPS, on pure commissions) as a part of my consulting and because of persistent...
  3. Aditya Saha

    [Newbie] Starting my own journey!

    Hello guys, I just started my journey so that I don't loose my motivation. Anyways I have been lazy in the past, but time to get over it. I'm not investing any money as of now! Going for free traffic. Lets see how it goes. [Network] CPAGrip [Earnings] Once I get my payout, I'll use it to...