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  1. Ross Beech

    Affilate marketing confused

    Hi guys I am trying work out where to started in affilate marketing I have had a look at the start here thread which is brilliant. The problem I have is I already have website for my photography which I was planning to use for affilate marketing but I can't find much about photography affiliates...
  2. W

    How does Paid Traffic source work ?

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the marketing field, and I'm a little bit confused. I'm willing to promote some CPA offers using Paid Traffic Sources, but what's triggering me is, how does those "Paid Traffic Sources" promote my offers? Are they using Popups,Banners...? What is exactly the Traffic I'm...

    Hi I am Jose Luis Florez Castro and I am newbie and I am confused about this site?

    Hi my name is Jose Luis Florez Castro and could be talk to you about Binary Options and more!