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  1. G

    When to pay out commision

    Hey everyone, I was setting up my affiliate program when I realized I don't know what would be a good amount of time to wait to pay affiliates their commission. The site I am using (LearnWorlds) suggests 30 days, just in case there are refund requests. However, I don't know if this is an...
  2. Cloumix

    Cloumix from China for ecigs Sales

    Hello all. There is very accidental to learn about this forum. And of course, I am sincerely happy for this trip here. Our company is engaged in the affiliate program. But, it is a little hard for us to find partners in the same camp. There is no doubt that affiliatefix is a good place for us to...
  3. K

    Affiliates Wanted Affiliate Program with Free Digital Support

    Our affiliate program offers many different perks. You will have direct communications with our affiliate managers to get accurate advice. We are willing to share the experience and knowledge from what has worked well and what has not - all for free! It may be some work to set up your first...
  4. Chris Porter

    My 10 Day Earnings! Let me know what you think!

    Below are my 10 day earnings! I have been working with affiliate marketing for a few years now, but this recent year has been a good year for me! Just in 10 days I have made $1,779 and pulled 427 leads! Share your knowledge with me! I love to bounce around ideas. My commissions were made from...