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“FunnelFlux  Zeydoo



    Palette of success - What brand colors are the best?

    90 seconds after first seeing something, people make a judgement about it, and up to 90% of the impression made is based on colour alone. What I want to say is, colors are important (but I don't see much discussion about it) What are your experiences with choosing the color for a brand or...
  2. Naomi Chan

    Does pastel color style matches your article visuals?

    Amazing artworks from Sébastien Plassard, Chiara Ghigliazz, Ahra Kwon Apart from landing page design, we often have to create visual images for articles/blogging. When I see these pastel tone illustrations, I found them really aesthetic and suitable for article thumbnail and banner. With...
  3. AdVideos

    What colors attract more attention in video?

    Hi everyone, Do you have any experience with this problem? Do colors really affect our attitude to products?