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  1. A

    Harworking noob looking for a mentor..

    Hello my fellow marketers, I am new in this field and eager to learn. Obviously I have a lot of questions. To shorten the learningcurve and to be profitable ASAP I hope to find a mentor who could help me out. I am planning to use FB as a trafficsourcew and chose sweepstakes as vertical. I am...
  2. carlasimmons86

    Need a coach for public speaking

    Hello, one of my dreams is to be good public speaker, but still, i don't have much experience and i am anxious when doing it. I still stutter when i go out in front of small group of people. Do you know any coach that can help me?
  3. Akeentech

    Partnership Partners wanted

    I want a like-minded partners who we can work together to achieve great results. I have blog ( to monetize, you can be a coach at the same time.
  4. Nqobile

    I am Conquered

    The second year undergraduate student at the University of Joburg. I love to sing and dance. I am optimistic about life. I am an aspiring online entrepreneur without capital on a mission to quit my job prior to being employed.
  5. Raheel Javed

    Partnership Looking For Mentor Come Friend

    Hello i am newbie in cpa industry but in online world i am from the last 7 years. By profession i am web designer and developer and have rich experience of working with graphics, landing pages wWordPressand so on.... :entrepreneurfix: Now the reason for writing all this and this post is to find...