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    Let's get technical: all you need for media buying (Part 3)

    This is our third and last part of the series on everything you need to start out with media buying. You can catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you did not read it already. And then join us for the second part! Setting up the tracker and link cloaking Let’s choose a tracker that will also play...
  2. Adams111

    Traffic armor help

    Hi guys, does anyone have any tutorials on how to use traffic armor efficiently with social media platforms. Any help is appreciated
  3. Stasy

    Who knows any resellers of cloak traffic?

    Hi everybody! I need Nigerian traffic for my Nutra offer and I know there is a lot of it in FB and Google, but I don't want to do cloaking and farming. Are there any traffic sources that provide cloak traffic from FB and Google? Some manager once offered me their cloak traffic but later said...
  4. mike zenith

    What is the need to cloacking?

    Hi I am new in media buying and have read many forums about cloacking when anyone promote campaigns on facebook, taboola, revcontent, adword. What exactly is the need of cloacking ??
  5. S

    Head's up Amazon users' new email scam active

    due to suspicious activities your account has been set to restricted access please validate your account details to refer to the process. if you click the link you will be taken to clone of Amazon where you need ton login and add your cc info. don't do this if you have done this, clean your...
  6. P

    Review Underbust Corset - Corsets Queen

    We provide Waist training corsets for sale in all sizes & figures, waist training corsets for wedding, Corsets in cheap price. Taffeta & brocade corsets Sexy corsets are also available.
  7. karim02

    About Cloaking :

    Hi all Affiliatefix member's I wish you all a great day; I'm just wondering if there's any resource or a online course that teach how to cloak you can point me to,especially cloacking for mobile,Thanks in advance.
  8. Kc-Tan

    # CloAkinG.. Good or Not ?

    Hi everyone; So, is Cloaking good or not ? and WHY ?
  9. Enrico

    Free CLOACKING service - FB

    Hi guys, i'm looking for some free cloacking service for FB ads...any ideas? i'm using (free version) but all the free dynamic DNS get recognised from fb and i can't be able to use it. Thank you