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  1. thehustler

    ClickMagick SAID THIS to me...

    Hey, so I tried to sign up for ClickMagick today and after the registration, I was asked for verification and I was like what the hell for 2-3 seconds as I have never seen anyone asking for verification ID photo and credit card photo for TRIAL period. It said in the message that due to red flags...
  2. thehustler

    Anyone using ClickMeter?

    Hey, I plan to get ClickMeter for now because I am getting it for a good trail offer and will later switch to ClickMagick. So, anyone here used or using clickmeter and can say is there any significant difference between clickmagick and clickmeter?
  3. Akintunde Felix

    Does Google Adwords Block Clickmagick Links?

    Hello, Everyone. I would like to know if Google Adwords Block Clickmagick Links? I have created a couple of campaigns and they keep getting rejected by AdWords. I doubt if it's my landing page because it's clean:):):)
  4. shakurullah

    How to Track Bing Converted Keywords which giving sales with CLICKMAGIC

    hi, I need attention please. I have created tracking link for the optin page to track optin action. I have set up action tracking conversion pixel in my thank you page. So I can track the keyword which giving me optin. I have several CPA offers in in my thank you page, I created tracking...
  5. moneydrop2021

    Online Journey (Maxbounty Offer On Bing)

    Budget: $126 Commissions/sale:$42 Amount of landing pages in the beginning: 4 but I may drive traffic straight to the offer. Keyword tools: Bing, Google Adwords, LongTail Pro Traffic Source: Bing with Text Ads With other affiliate's guidance: No Spying Tool: Adplexity Tracking Tool: Clickmagick...
  6. milan02

    who try clickmagick ??

    hello iwant do a split test of my landing pages and my offers and i want best tool and cheap so i find this clickmagick who try this before and did it work with mobile like voluum ?