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  1. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything ChatGPT? Bard by LamDA incoming.....

    what does it mean for google? what does it mean for seo? wtf is gonna happen next?
  2. webDOMinator

    Eva: Adult CPA's Wet Dream

    Okay, you've done SEO, you've set up a site, you've got your affiliate links and chosen your offers and landing pages. But have you tried the social angle? Social Networks, Chat, and Apps are all over the Internet today. It seems like you can throw a stone and hit 20 social networks before it...
  3. hoadongtien

    Email Marketing vs Chatbot Marketing

    Has anyone had experience with Chatbot Marketing? I find it more than email marketing in many respects, but why less people use. Open-rate: This rate in Chatbot marketing makes up to 90% (email marketing: 30-40%) Real Time Interaction Lead capture is so easy, just like fanpage (email...