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  1. MeltdownNZ

    Why is the type of carrier traffic important?

    I've seen a lot mentioned on the forums about carrier traffic, but what I'm failing to understand why is it important? I did a search here and on Google but really don't understand why we would want to target specific carrier traffic? If anyone could explain it to me that would be great...
  2. Supreme.affiliate

    Mobile carrier proxys for subscriptions

    Hi guys, tell me is there any services to open the subscription with the desired operator? geoege not offer, they are very expensive.
  3. Jorge Garza

    What examples of carrier billing processors do you know?

    I want to start my own mobile content site and I want to know about the carrier billing processors you know. So far I have found and talked about with manager of: - Fortumo - Centili / Infobip - Mobiamo If they have subscriptions better. Thanks !
  4. SolarSystem

    Networks with a large volume of carrier traffic

    Hi guys! I'm working with wap-click offers. Now I buy traffic in, but there is a very small amount of ONLY carrier traffic (without wi-fi). Please advise me some networks with a large volume of carrier traffic. Thank's a lot!
  5. PJ Martin

    Wifi Traffic in Cellular only campaigns

    I'm using voluum and it reports tons of wifi traffic in some campaigns that were targeted just for carrier traffic, with some traffic sources. I'm not talking about a low percentage, but from 20 to up to 70% or more.. After contacting one of this networks today (ADCash) they say on their side...