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campaign targeting

  1. easytyga

    Tracker for keywords

    Hello.. I talked to a cpa affiliate about a day ago i told him i dont get good conversion on my cpl offers, on Facebook ads, but he asked me do i use tracker for keywords, i told him i dont know what it means and he said i should pay him so he can teach me, please can anyone here kindly give me...
  2. TheDanmit

    Let's make some money

    Hello everyone, Overview So I decided to start with Bing again I created a campaign for weight loss offer from maxbounty and funded my account with 100 Euro. I'm using bemob tracking platform everything what I did is according to their setup guide, so cross fingers for me :) . My campaign...
  3. P

    Facebook Campaign Setup Help

    I’m just getting started with Facebook advertising and am about to setup my first campaign. I’ve read lots of different guides online about how to run ads, structure the account and optimize but I’m a little bit confused about what is the best way to set things up. I want to make sure I set...
  4. internalsoul

    Complete Campaign Optimization Guide

    Complete Campaign Optimization Guide Optimization is the process of turning campaigns from non-profitable ones into profitable ones. This is done by testing all the elements of the campaigns and eliminating the non-performing ones. It’s the most important part of creating profitable campaigns...
  5. internalsoul

    [GUIDE]Complete Campaign Optimization Guide

    It has been a long since I have posted a guide or case-study. And I have been asked questions about optimization over 100 times through PM and on skype. So created a complete guide for it. This guide is specially meant for DOJO but then again I thought of giving a glimpse of this guide to...
  6. Mobidea

    Targeting - How to get all the juice (Part II)

    In the first part of this article “Targeting – How to get all the juice? (part I)” we saw the importance of choosing and setting correctly a campaign’s target. In this second part, we focus on the “what to do” after you launch campaigns and start to collect data. Generally if you didn’t choose...