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  1. M

    Network Wanted Need a best network

    Need Adult CPA Network for (Cam Offers)-CPL / PPL who pays weekly !
  2. K

    Want to know the best traffic/traffic source for cam offers

    Hi guys, I want to promote some cam offers but don't know where to start. Does anyone know a good traffic source or a good type of ad (perhaps banner or popunder) what works best for you guys?
  3. dgkshore

    Affiliates Wanted CPL Dating and Cam Affiliates needed!

    Hey Guys, DatingGold needs some new affiliates for direct dating and cam offers. we are looking for non-incent, male (ages 25-65) traffic for US/CA/AU Geos. Great payouts, net 15. Let's do some business together! hit me up via pm here or on skype ( Thanks All!
  4. Laszlo Hobor

    Livecam and Dating for GER/AT/CH

    Hey Guys. Im Running an Adult Affiliate Program with Livecam, Dating and Amateur Erotic Community offers for the DACH region. Dont hesitate to contact me if you have relevant traffic for Germany Austria and Switzerland. - Top Leading Payouts for the DACH region in comparison with other adult...
  5. C

    Offer Wanted What Network Can Offer Me THE BEST? (I'll bring in a lot of $$$ for you)

    Hi all, I am successful Affiliate of CRAKRevenue, Peerfly and FOREX. I mainly work Pay Per Lead with Adult. I've established a very specific and successful method that is guaranteed to work. I can generate as much as $500 per day for network with enough time put in. My problem with CRAK is that...