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call center

  1. C

    How to find brokers?

    Hello guys! I am a media buyer in crypto vertical and I want to start running traffic on more geos. What is the best way to find brokers/brands and to not get scammed?
  2. Ifalaye

    Announcement 50% OFF Exclusive AffiliateFix Limited Time Offer

    50% OFF Exclusive AffiliateFix Limited Time Offer How US Toll Free Phone Numbers Work US phone numbers allow your company to promote a telephone number that is accessible to clients in the US. US toll free numbers allow customers to reach your business at no-cost. Incoming calls to your US...
  3. Honeybadger

    Seeking Help Need phone number solution?

    i got some lead sites they are for services like plumbing, painting, gardening website uses wordpress forms i need to add phone numbers landline numbers for usa, canada & uk multiple numbers (more than 20) whats the cheapest/reliable service?
  4. Inftele_k

    Official Scaling business communications with Global Voice services by Infinity Telecom

    Infinity Telecom is a licensed telecom provider in the Czech Republic, headquartered in Prague. The business provides solutions for data transfer and storage, IP telephony, Internet access, content delivery, colocation, and other telecommunication services in a number of international...
  5. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Call center guys, what is the difference between leads and loads?

    I have been trying to read up on this but not much information on it. This conversation came up when a partner of mine called me up that he is got good number of LOADS in USA Personal Finance: Payday loans, SSID-Disability applicants, Biz-ops, Mortgage, Mobile, coupons, gambling applicants et...
  6. simonbrep

    Selling Leads 30-50k Premium Data Feeds

    500,000 Leads Monthly Optimised for Email / Call Centre / SMS Based on GEO 50% Off Follow this Link for More Info
  7. C

    Tech Support

    I run traffic (pay per call) for call centers usually tech support. I am looking for new call centers to work with